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Pyrus ussuriensis. Manchurian pear, Ornamental Pear.


Pyrus ussuriensis. Manchurian pear, Ornamental Pear.

Pyrus calleryana Cleveland Select Pear Tree.

This tree has an upright, dense habit and attractive, dark green leaves that turn plum red/gold in autumn. It grows to about 7m (20′) tall and 5m (15′) wide. In spring it produces masses of white flowers, followed by small, dull gold to russet coloured fruit.

Pyrus calleryana ‘Capital’
‘Capital’ grows to about 7m (20′) tall and only 4m (12′) wide, so it is a good choice for narrow, restricted areas. In spring it is covered with a profusion of white flowers to 20mm wide. They are followed by small, russet coloured fruit. In autumn the dark green leaves change to reddish-purple.

Pyrus ussuriensis, Manchurian Pear, Ornamental Pear.
Manchurian Pear is a well known variety that grows to 9m tall and 7m wide. Spring flowering, and beautiful Autumn foliage.
Best climate:
The three ornamental pear cultivars mentioned above do well in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

All these trees will tolerate dry conditions, slightly alkaline soils, air pollution and intermittently wet, heavy soils. They grow best in full sun, and are easily transplanted. ‘Capital’ needs protection from strong winds, but has good disease resistance. Cleveland Select is less susceptible to wind damage than many other cultivars.

Cost and availability:
They cost $55 to $95, and are sold in 30 cm or 40cm pots. Simon the Plantman Nursery has them available all year in pots.


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